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Portal Development

Are you looking for better ways for collaborating and connecting with customers? If yes, then building a portal is the way to go.

On the basis of higher level principles of a single point of access to several information resources, portal development unites content, data resources and application at one place, and make them accessible to users, depending on the role and business objectives of users. When compared with vertical and horizontal internet portals, which aim at moving, gathering and consolidating web content and data towards audience, web portals act as business procedure accelerators facilitating access to corporate information. As far as the creation of the web portal is considered, it requires business analysis skills and domain knowledge from an experienced development team to create solutions which can support knowledge management, operational activities, decision making and collaboration among others.


A1Brandz has just such a perfect team. We provide all the necessary services for developing portal. Starting scratch to finish, we develop web portals which best define your specifications. We work in close collaboration with our clients. We identify your business objectives and work out solutions accordingly. Only after a green signal by client, we implement the devised plan and strategy.

The team at A1Brandz takes the concept as well as plan agreed in the specification and assessment stages before delivering solutions with comprehensive business logic and customized features. We also add technical stability for enhancing the performance of web portals. Once we have implemented a system that best meet your objectives, we ensure its smooth performance sans errors. Once the project has been completed and delivered, we help you keep your portal updated.

Need for enterprise portal

  • To streamline financial operations
  • To improve B2B communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management System
  • To control as well as improve access to information
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • To enhance business process, and thus profitability
  • To provide to users a personalized point of access that enables them to find relevant information, reach out to people and read about different business processes

Why choose A1Brandz?

  • Attention to even the minute detail – not only your portal will look and feel right but also be secure
  • Experience spanning over a decade in delivering highly functional and customized solutions
  • Web portal development is completed within the stipulated time
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Round the clock customer support in case of any need or query
  • A development team, which works with you, for you to deliver services which best meet your needs

A1Brandz is all about enabling you with the right and effective services which can make a difference to your web presence.


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